Businessman using HSBC DART to manage his accounts receivables and payments on his phone.

Automated Invoice Reconciliation with DART Digital Solution

Reconciling invoices is a time-consuming and demanding process. When the process is being done manually, chances are you are well exposed to multiple errors.

Addressing such a challenge, HSBC offers DART, Digital Accounts Receivables Tool.

HSBC DART offers:

  • Digital solution for automated invoice management.

  • Business and its partners to exchange billing and payment information through a single platform.

  • Convenience to simplify verification process and to improve transparency between your company and your business partner or customers.

Illustration of reconciliation and payment process via HSBC DART.

DART diagram

Thanks to unique tracking ID for each transaction, DART users can manage their receivables more efficiently and effectively. That, in turn, will improve business cash flow.

Free your business from error-prone manual process when you use DART with HSBC.

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