Online security

Nowadays, most of us use the internet via computers or mobile and tablet devices. We like to e-mail, chat and have fun online as well as use it to buy and sell things and do our banking.

Unfortunately, it also provides opportunities for criminals to:

  • Infect your computer or mobile and tablet device with malware and steal your identity
  • Mess up your computer or mobile and tablet device with pop-ups and viruses
  • Send you spam and scam e-mails
  • Trick you into visiting fake websites and handing over personal information
  • Hack into your wireless network

Protect yourself online

In our view, there are a few key rules that offer the most protection online for the least amount of effort. They are not all the measures you can take, but they are an excellent start – and they apply equally to business owners and to private individuals.

What you should always do:

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