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Leveraging the Digital Economy to Achieve Equitable Growth

Despite ongoing global economic uncertainty, Indonesia’s economy has been growing steadily over the past few years, albeit not at the pace that President Joko Widodo and his government had predicted when he took office in 2014.

Stepping up on the world stage

Indonesia’s unique flavor of intelligence is often under recognized and under appreciated. In a wide ranging interview, the Chairman of the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board Tom Lembong discusses the challenges facing the global economy and the forces shaping Indonesia.

Indonesia: A Rising Asian Financial Powerhouse

Indonesia is a nation on the move. It’s young, dynamic and productive population is driving growth and innovation. Its financial sector is robust and healthy, in the process enabling economic expansion. The country’s corporate sector is also transforming itself to be in line with the new digital economy.

Supporting South Sumatra, an emerging economic hub

Supporting South Sumatra, an emerging economic hub

Indonesia’s economic potential is unquestioned. The nation of 265 million people has all the ingredients to be a major global player.

Mapping out industries affected by or involved in the BRI

Four years after its introduction by President Xi Jinping, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China’s flagship foreign policy enterprise, is already gaining substantial traction at home and abroad.

The Digital Silk Road

When we think about the "Belt and Road Initiative" (BRI), our minds leap to physical infrastructure: bridges, tunnels, freeways.

Indonesia and Singapore, leading the way in infrastructure financing

As funding needs for large infrastructure projects across Southeast Asia intensify and bank lending tightens, HSBC finds that Indonesia and Singapore are finding new sources of funding and fresh ways to recycle existing capital.

Infrastructure Investment to Boost the Competitiveness between ASEAN Countries

ASEAN big 5 countries are moving its focus from power and telecoms investments to infrastructures.

Belt and Road Initiatives to further bolster economic cooperation between Indonesia and China

China’s recent introduction of stricter capital outflow controls has raised concerns around the prospects of the country’s outbound direct investment. We believe that there should be little impact in the long term and the Belt and Road Initiative will be a key catalyst to accelerate China’s outbound investment flows.

Belt and road initiative serves to develop better trade ties

Tapping on bilateral infrastructural projects’ opportunities through the Belt and Road Initiative

In order to support Southeast Asia’s industrial development, the Belt and Road Initiative serves as an ideal means for China to develop better trade ties with the countries in the region, particularly through high-technology transportation projects.

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