HSBC Tax Payment Solution

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HSBC Tax Payment Solution

Under current global condition, many businesses are forced to change their old business model to stay relevant and connected to their customers. Therefore, changes need to be done to adapt new way of business such as converting manual to electronic procedure.

HSBC tax payment solution

Through our HSBC digital platform (HSBCnet & HSBCconnect), you can make tax payment process more accurately, simpler and real-time. Our new tax payment solution enables time-efficient and advanced support with high capacity of transactions (up to 1,000 transaction per file), flexibility of various options (single or multi debit, future date setting) and capability to store your tax reports (up to 30 days).

Enjoy the benefit of HSBC tax payment solution

  • Simple & real time

  • Holistic features: provide options to do single or multi debit; and future date setting

  • High capacity: allow large volume transactions with capacity up to 1,000 transactions per file

  • Storage capability: longevity of data retention by storing the tax report up to 30 days


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