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How eFishery and HSBC Partnership Lead the Way for International Expansion through Digitalization

Digitalization has been a game-changer for businesses that aim to go global. It has provided opportunities to reach markets beyond borders and streamline business processes through technology. While e-commerce and fintech companies have been at the forefront of international expansion through digitalization, other industries are also leveraging its capabilities. One such example is eFishery, an aquaculture company that enables fish farmers across Indonesia to improve their feed efficiency and lower costs using technology. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how eFishery’s partnership with HSBC led the way for international expansion through digitalization.

eFishery recognized the benefits of digitalization early on and used it to improve fish farmers' feed efficiency while lowering costs. By doing so, they were able to generate a greater profit margin, enable sustained growth, and scale up their business. This approach proved successful in Indonesia, which prompted them to explore new markets abroad.

However, expanding into foreign countries can be challenging due to varying regulations and cultures. That’s where partnerships with established players who understand local markets come in handy. HSBC served as eFishery's financial partner by providing them with banking solutions that catered to their needs while guiding them through different markets' intricacies.

HSBC became eFishery's compass for its international journey. Its knowledge of different regulations and cultures allowed eFishery to formulate optimum solutions tailored to specific market requirements. The partnership was fruitful as eFishery announced its expansion into India, Singapore and United States following a successful pilot project in the subcontinent. Having more than a century of experience in handling customers in various countries, HSBC combines its international network with local insight into business practices in over 50 markets.

Moreover, the bank’s digital platform HSBCnet enhances those prowess into a simple, intuitive, secure, and reliable system. From the outset, HSBCnet was designed to be a robust and intuitive platform accessible through mobile or personal computers.

Its features are aimed at meeting complex cross-border banking needs, including cash management, supply chain financing, and international trade solutions. HSBCnet is also equipped with real-time tracking for payments, receipts, liquidity, and changes in corporate asset values.

eFishery's success story serves as an excellent example of how technology combined with strategic partnerships can lead the way for businesses looking to expand internationally.

In conclusion, digitalization has opened doors for businesses across industries to expand globally. However, going global requires a deep understanding of local markets and regulations. Strategic partnerships with established players like HSBC can help guide businesses through the complexities of international expansion, providing them with banking solutions that cater to their specific needs while also serving as a guidepost for their journey. eFishery's partnership with HSBC is an excellent example of how technology and strategic partnerships can lead the way for businesses looking to expand globally.

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