Your journey into low-carbon business involves transition risks. Our array of sustainable finance products and our dedicated relationship managers can help get your business there.

Green Loan

Green Loan is aimed at financing or refinancing, either in whole or in part, of green projects. Think of Green Loan as corporate loans that adheres to Green Loan Principles introduced by Loan Market Association in 2018.

From revolving credit facility to bilateral or syndicated loan, you have the flexibility in tapping Green Loan for your green projects.

Green Trade Finance

Green Trade Finance is designed to support environmentally sustainable trade activities and in alignment with Green Loan Principles.

Product types available under the Green Trade Finance product suite include funded trade solutions such as Trade Loans, Receivables Finance, Commodity Structured Trade Finance, and Exports and Imports.

Sustainability-linked Loans (SLL)

SLL are made available to support environmentally and socially sustainable activities. They incorporate ESG criteria into financing and incentivize businesses with lower interest rate on the loan when they meet their sustainability performance targets.

Sustainability-linked Trade Finance (SLTF)

Similar to SLL, SLTF is aimed to facilitate and support environmentally and socially sustainable activities. SLTF has simple structures, very similar to regular trade finance, with the benefit of interest rate adjustments based on performance against sustainability performance targets.

SLTF can take any form of loan instrument or contingent facilities such as guarantee lines or letters of credit (LC).

Sustainable Supply Chain Finance

HSBC offers a sustainable supply chain finance solution, which addresses customers’ working capital needs through a tiered pricing solution based on the company’s methodology for measuring the sustainability performance of its suppliers.

The suite of solution is beneficial for buyers to ensure suppliers adopting sustainable practices and suppliers to be rewarded when meeting the agreed sustainability matrix.

Sustainable Trade Instruments

Take advantage of tailored banking services to achieve sustainability goals for buyers and suppliers by leveraging the power of our global network.

HSBC offers a sustainable label for guarantees, letter of credit (LC), or standby LC to facilitate environmentally and/or sustainable activities.

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