HSBC UniTransact

A Digital Platform that simplifies cross border transaction

In today’s globalized economy, moving money in a fast, safe and transparent way is vital for businesses to stay competitive and capture opportunities. At HSBC, we understand your transaction banking needs and it is our constant endeavor to simplify this journey for our customers.

The UniTransact proposition is based on our award winning HSBCnet platform, and aims to streamline and unify your interactions across various banking functions when you execute your cross border transaction.

What is HSBC UniTransact?

  • A single hub on HSBCnet that digitizes and centralizes the entire cross-border payment journey
  • Eliminates the need to use multiple platforms to view and manage transactions
  • Provides end-to-end visibility on transactions in real-time
  • Submit documents, communicate on status and book FX directly on HSBC UniTransact through its integrated digital experience

What are the benefits of HSBC UniTransact?

Comprehensive dashboard:

Customers are able to see the summary of all cross-border transactions for both inward and outward transactions.

Enhanced visibility:

Detailed and real time status throughout the life cycle of all cross-border transactions, in one platform.

Online discrepancy resolution:

Discrepancies resolution are no longer having to go through various calls and emails; customers can have seamless online two-way communication with HSBC team is seeking clarifications or providing additional information.

Efficient documentation management:

Customers are able to upload, store, and retrieve documents for any transactions as needed.

Alerts and notifications:

Customers will receive notifications or alerts on the status of their transactions.

Seamless execution:

Customers can execute foreign exchange transaction directly and automatically in a single platform.

For more information on the benefit of HSBC UniTransact, please watch this video.

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