Combined, ASEAN forms one of the fastest growing economic powerhouses and is one of the world’s top five economies, behind the US, EU, China and Japan. Find out how HSBC can connect you to opportunities across ASEAN, and beyond.
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With a vast network across ASEAN, HSBC is the natural go-to-partner for a regional expansion. We are not only the largest international bank in Indonesia but we are also well-established in ASEAN with a history of over 130 years. Our cross-border solutions in trade financing and liquidity management coupled with our expertise across multiple industries we are able to provide the right answers to your regional banking needs.

HSBC: The longest established foreign bank in ASEAN

The unique attraction of Indonesia is its size and scale. Indonesia today is the largest country in ASEAN, contributing to over 35 percent of ASEAN GDP and over 40 percent of ASEAN population.

Sumit Dutta President Director, PT Bank HSBC Indonesia

HSBC Indonesia is among the leading foreign banks in ASEAN

In Indonesia, ASEAN’s largest economy, HSBC is among the leading foreign banks. The Bank’s origins in the country go back to 1884, when a branch was opened in Jakarta, initially to serve the sugar trade. HSBC acquired Bank Ekonomi in 2009. It now has 96 branches in 29 cities, and about 5,000 staff in the country. HSBC in Indonesia offers a deep range of products and services in commercial, wholesale and retail banking & wealth management.

Key facts & figures

Focus Industries

  • Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, and Fishery
  • Non-oil and Gas Manufacturing
  • Automotive


  • Best Domestic Cash Management Bank – by EuroMoney (2012, 2014, 2015 and 2018)
  • Best Trade Finance Bank and Best Service for Trade Finance Bank in Indonesia – by Euromoney (2019)

Our ASEAN offering

At HSBC, we have a strong set of regional capabilities and specialised solutions to help you drive growth across ASEAN and beyond across 5 areas:


– We are one of the longest established banks in Indonesia that has been supporting businesses and generations in their growth journey across ASEAN and beyond for over 130 years

– Our deep understanding of the similarities and diversity of culture, business landscape and levels of development across the region paired with our unparalleled insights enable us to build a network and wealth of knowledge that fuel regional ambitions

– Our specialist knowledge and local RMs help guide businesses through regulatory, cultural and economic nuances to achieve their growth potential


– We have a global network with over 4,400 offices across 70 countries, covering over 90% of global trade and capital flows, as well as comprehensive client coverage. In ASEAN, we have 200 offices across 6 markets supported by 15,000 staff

– As the largest international bank in Indonesia, our well-established connections in ASEAN enable ease of market access across multiple industries especially manufacturing and commodities to help prepare you for your growth journey

– We have China and ASEAN desks that include three European countries – Germany, France and the UK. These desks are dedicated to helping customers and prospects do business in ASEAN and beyond


– HSBC’s cross border expertise and market-leading products across trade financing and liquidity management that make us uniquely positioned to provide the right solutions for our customers in cross border expansion and business optimization

– We’re proud to be the first and only Green Financing advisor to the Ministry of Finance in Indonesia

– Our solutions are well-recognised within the financing industry winning us multiple awards including the Indonesia Best Trade Finance Service Leader, Euromoney Trade Finance Awards 2019, Best Domestic Cash Manager in Indonesia, Euromoney 2018 Cash Management Awards and Best Bond in Indonesia, The Asset Triple A Treasury, Trade, Supply Chain and Risk Management Awards 2018

One way of banking

– We enhance your banking experience with a consistent experience supported by our regional-empowered bankers guiding you throughout your ASEAN growth journey

Our Experience

Pioneering treasury operations in Thailand

When the world's biggest canned tuna producer wanted to streamline liquidity flows and cut funding costs to support a global expansion from its home base in Thailand through Europe and the United States, HSBC was there to help.

Client need

Streamline management of fund flows across continents and between time zones to improve working capital efficiency.

How HSBC delivered

HSBC's innovative solution created Thailand's first cross-border sweeping arrangement. The initiative, which involved securing a license from the Bank of Thailand to run the operation, gave the client confidence that HSBC had a deep understanding of their global business needs -- and the creativity to devise solutions to meet them,

Client benefit

Automated tasks previously done manually and unlocked cash sitting idle in accounts globally to help boost internal funding. The structure was awarded "Best Forecasting Strategy" in the Corporate Treasurer Awards 2015.

Currency cushions for Malaysian rubber maker

A global expansion that turned a small rubber trader in Malaysia into the world's largest condom maker generating sales in 121 countries created a banking logistics and currency hedging problem that HSBC was perfectly positioned to solve.

Client need

A major international expansion created substantial foreign exchange risks across a globally diversified sales and manufacturing network, as well as the need for banking facilities around the world.

How HSBC delivered

HSBC's network value was fully leveraged. HSBC delivered account opening and credit facilities in a variety of locations to support the client's international expansion, integrating a clutch of newly acquired corporate assets, as well as implementing a suite of currency risk management solutions including Transactional FX, Algorithmic Execution, FX Indices, FX Overlay and FX Prime.

Client Benefit

Volatility smoothed by seamless 24-hour currency risk hedging from HSBC's global foreign exchange centres in London, New York and Hong Kong.

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