HSBC Digital Payment Solution

While you are working from home, our digital payment solutions can help you make local and international payments, utility bill payments, and manage your payrolls with just one-click away. You can stay safe and let your business run as usual with greater peace of mind.

HSBC digital payment solution for all your electronic payments

Through HSBCnet, you can execute all your electronic payments reliably and conveniently. Electronic payments are fast, easy-to-use and offer flexibility in accessing the system. You can move funds within your business, to pay for your suppliers, payroll for your employees, or to do tax payment.

Payment capabilities:

  • Longer cut-off time (COT) with e-Banking transaction:
    • Local transfer (SKN/ RTGS) : 13.30 WIB*
    • Foreign currency transfer : 16:00 WIB**
    • Tax payment : 20:00 WIB
  • Ability to process huge transaction volume : 5,000 payments per file upload.
  • Access your payments through multiple devices such as laptop, mobile phone, tablet.
  • For SKN transaction, our banking process is fully automated. It will immediately be transmitted to clearing without any human intervention.
  • Additional media channels are also available upon request such as Host-to-Host integration with your ERP, either through file exchange or API.

Availability of information:

  • Your cash position can be accessed any time with much more accuracy than manual procedure.
  • Real time balance & transaction update to your system via API connectivity.

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